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Guess who’s back? A New Year greeting from the FAA

For the last couple years (roughly early 2016 through late 2018), our group was mostly inactive, with the bulk of our membership busy dealing with the daily struggles of surviving in neoliberal America.

These days, we’re trying to be more involved again. Our current main focus is our weekly “Self Defense for Activists” training, along with our annual Skid Row Clothing Giveaway that we’ve done every X-Mas day since 2010. We’re also hoping to engage in other work/projects as time and people-power permit.

If you contacted us during our “inactive” period, you probably did not hear back from us. For this, we sincerely apologize. At the moment, we’re working to reply to old messages and to return to our old status as a more “responsive” organization. With that in mind, we’d like to invite anyone interested in collaborating with us to reach out via our Contact Us page (click here).

In addition, we’re hoping to make this blog a more active space for sharing important events, news items, analysis, commentary, critique, kvetching, and philosophizing–so please check back for updates soon.

To a radical new year of organizing, power-building, and dissent!

–The Free Association of Anarchists (F@@)

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FAA ending formal relationship with RAC-LA / FAA termina relaciones formales con RAC-LA

Dear friends, comrades, and supporters,

FAA is forced to end its official partnership with RAC-LA because of unresolved concerns about (1) the lack of democratic or horizontalist decision-making within RAC-LA & (2) the failure to exercise internal transparency within RAC-LA, especially with regard to funds. In September 2015, we met with RAC-LA to reach a compromise and/or resolve these problems, and we brought a proposal outlining our suggested solution (see the proposal below). At this meeting the unelected, unofficial leaders of RAC-LA refused to consider any possible compromise or resolution. They have maintained this position ever since.

We remain open to resolving this problem and/or reaching a compromise. However, as long as the self-appointed leadership of RAC-LA refuses to sit down in a respectful manner, as equals, to reach such a compromise or resolution, we are forced to end formal relations between our two groups.

We remain committed to the goals of food justice and the building of communities that are “revolutionary” and “autonomous” in Los Angeles, and we remain supportive of the Sunday food distribution efforts. We regret that this split between our groups has taken place, and we remain open to respectful, good-faith efforts to resolve these outstanding differences.

In solidarity,

The Free Association of Anarchists (FAA)

F@@ Proposal to Solve Internal RAC Problems

1. Voting.
We propose that all decisions require a vote of all comrades involved or affected. Each comrade gets one vote. Votes can happen at meetings, by email, and at the park (in a circle). Vote totals can be added up and reported at the next meeting, over email, and at the park.

2. Money.
We propose that monthly treasury reports are maintained neatly and shared with comrades. We propose a binder in the RAC space and a report at every meeting.

3. Conflict Resolution.
We propose developing a process for resolving interpersonal conflicts at meetings. We can then use this process to resolve problems and restore damaged relationships. We will propose one possible process at this meeting, but we are open to working within RAC to develop our own process (or processes) together.

4. Work.
We propose asking comrades to sign up for specific tasks for new and ongoing work. After seeing how many comrades sign up for different tasks, we can figure out what work we can realistically accomplish.

Estimados/as amigos/as, compañeros/as, y seguidores/as,

FAA se ve obligado a terminar su asociación oficial con RAC-LA debido a preocupaciones no resueltas sobre (1) la falta de toma de decisiones democráticas y horizontal dentro de RAC-LA y (2) la falla de ejercitar transparencia interna dentro de RAC-LA, especialmente con lo que se refiere a los fondos. En Septiembre del 2015, nos reunimos con RAC-LA para llegar a un acuerdo o resolver estos problemas, y llevamos una propuesta delineando nuestra solución sugerida (encuentre la propuesta abajo). En esta reunión los/las líderes no elegidos/as, no oficiales de RAC-LA se negaron a considerar cualquier posible compromiso o resolución. Ellos/as han mantenido esa posición desde entonces.

Nosotros seguimos abiertos a resolver este problema y/o llegar a un compromiso. Sin embargo, durante el tiempo que el liderazgo autoproclamado de RAC-LA se niegue a participar en una junta de una manera respetuosa, como iguales, para llegar a dicho compromiso o resolución, nos encontramos forcados a terminar relaciones formales entre los dos grupos.

Seguimos comprometidos a los objetivos de la justicia alimentaria y a la construcción de comunidades “revolucionarias” y “autónomas” en Los Angeles y los mantenemos apoyando los esfuerzos de distribución de comida los domingos. Lamentamos que esta separación entre nuestros grupos haya sucedido, y seguimos abiertos a esfuerzos respetuosos y en buena fe para resolver estas diferencias pendientes.

En solidaridad,

La Libre Asociación de Anarquistas (FAA)

Propuesta de F@@ para Resolver Problemas Internos en RAC

1. Votacíon
Proponemos que todas las decisiones requieran el voto de los compañeros/as involucrados o afectados. Cada compañero/a tiene un voto. Las votaciones pudieran suceder en las reuniones, por correo electrónico, y en un círculo en el parque.

2. Dinero
Proponemos que cada mes haya un reporte nítido de tesorería para compartir con los compañeros/as. Proponemos que haya un folder en el espacio conteniendo los reportes y que se dé un reporte en cada reunión.

3. Resolución de Conflictos
Proponemos que desarrollemos un proceso para poder resolver problemas interpersonales en las reuniones. Podríamos, entonces, usar este proceso para resolver problemas y restaurar relaciones dañadas. Nosotros vamos a proponer un proceso en la reunión, pero estamos abiertos a trabajar con RAC para desarrollar un proceso (o procesos) junto(s).

4. Trabajo
Proponemos pedirles a los camaradas que se enlisten en trabajos específicos para nuevos trabajos y trabajos ya en marcha. Después de ver la lista de apuntes, pudiéramos ver el trabajo que realísticamente podemos lograr.

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New Black Flag Available – Special Issue on the Politics of Oppression

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LA-ABCF: Running Down the Walls 2015!

We Want To Run With You!

On Sunday, September 6th, 2015 at 10 a.m., the Los Angeles Anarchist Black Cross Federation and RAC-LA will host the 5K Run/Walk/Bike around MacArthur Park. Runs with take place in Denver, New York, and other cities. This Run is designed to raise much-needed funds for the ABCF Warchest program and for RAC. We are attempting to reach the goal of $3,500 with the run. Funds will be divided between the two programs:

ABCF Warchest:
The ABCF Warchest program was created in November of 1994. Its purpose is to send monthly financial support to Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War (PP/POWs).  The Warchest funds are divided and distributed through monthly stipends to political prisoners who receive little or no financial aid. Prisoners use this money to cover the basic necessities of everyday living. These funds have been used by prisoners to pay for stamps, shoes, clothes, as well as assisting their families with what little they can.

Revolutionary Autonomous Communities (RAC):
In the aftermath of the May Day 2007 police riot targeting migrant workers who dared stand up for our human rights, members of the MacArthur Park area and others joined together to support those with no papers and those with no means. RAC-LA came forward to aid the community in self-organizing such that with the help of each other we might make an inhuman way of living a bit more bearable while at same time acquiring the means to one day transform this system into an image of our own humanity.

If  you are able, we would love for you to organize a Running Down the Walls in your location.  We wish to expand the solidarity runs to more cities and prisons.  In past years we’ve had runs in: Albuquerque (NM), Arcata (CA), Ashland, (OR), Bellefonte (PA), Boston (MA), Connecticut River, Dannemora (NY), Denver, (CO), Detroit (MI), Elmore (AL), Guelph (CAN), Inez (KY), Los Angeles (CA), Marion (IL), Mexico City (MEX), New York City (NY),  USP. Navosta (TX), Pelican Bay (CA), Phoenix (AZ), Sandstone (MN), Tucson (AZ), USP Tucson (AZ), and Toronto (CAN).  Regardless of how you identify politically, your support for RDTW is an important statement of solidarity for all movements for social justice.  We recognize the contributions to the struggle given by a diversity of PP/POW’s imprisoned for their pursuit of liberation.

Let Us Know:
Every year we get runners who are unfamiliar with Political Prisoners and the movements they came from.  We read statements of solidarity from PP/POW’s before each run begins because we want people to run with PP/POW’s issues on their minds

•If you are able to run, please write us and let us know that you can run and your thoughts on the run.
•If you are not able to run, we still want your words, your thoughts, your knowledge and encouragement.
•Please mail us your statements of solidarity as soon as you can.
Stay up & Stay Strong!

Los Angeles Branch Group of the
Anarchist Black Cross Federation (LA-ABCF)
PO Box 11223
Whittier, CA 90603

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New Black Flag – Summer 2015 – Available Now

Click on the drop-down menu labeled “Projects” (near the top of the page) and select “Black Flag.”

Or just click on this link:

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Study Group This Saturday, June 13th, @ 3 Worlds Cafe

We’re continuing the Lexicon series–this week’s topic is White Supremacy. Download the reading here:
No previous knowledge is assumed and no homework is assigned—just coffee and good discussion among comrades.
WHAT: F@@ Study Group on White Supremacy
WHEN: Saturday, June 13th, 2015.  3:30pm for coffee and snacks. 4pm reading/discussion begins.
WHERE: 3 Worlds Café, 3310 S Central Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90011
WHY: Because, in the sage words of Angela Davis, “racism is a much more clandestine, much more hidden kind of phenomenon, but at the same time it’s perhaps far more terrible than it’s ever been.”

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