Help RAC LA Run Our New Community Center (A Message from RAC-LA)

Note from Blog Editors: F@@ comrades are collaborating with RAC-LA to create the space, and will be basing our operations there, so F@@ supporters, please support if and how you can.

How You Can Help

Revolutionary Autonomous Communities, Los Angeles (RAC LA) needs your help funding our new community center. The center will act as the home base for the Food Program held every Sunday in MacArthur Park, and will provide classes, meeting space, study groups, legal clinics, and other essential services to the poor and dispossessed local community. To make this dream a reality, RAC needs your help to pay the rent, electricity, and maintenance costs.  RAC is completely grassroots and community run. We make no profits. We receive no government grants and no corporate sponsorship. Everything we do is made possible by community efforts, RAC member commitment, and generous support from donors like you.


Please consider donating through a secure PayPal link here:


What is RAC-LA?

Revolutionary Autonomous Communities, Los Angeles (RAC LA) is a totally grassroots community organization that runs a weekly Food Program on Sundays, 10am-5pm, in MacArthur Park.  RAC was founded in the aftermath of the brutal police crackdown on the immigrant rights march on May 1st, 2007.  

The food program empowers the local community to feed itself, aiding with the distribution of more than 150 boxes of free, organic food. The program serves an ethnically diverse cross-section of the most under-served members of the community, including the poor, the homeless, and the recently-immigrated.

Community members themselves are the backbone of RAC, working in concert with local activists to get this critical work done. RAC also runs youth programs, educational projects, and anything else we can manage to serve, and empower, the local community.

Please help RAC by offering your support.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact John (English) at or Mauricio (English and Spanish) at for more info.

Check out the following pages for more info on RAC LA:



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