Please Help Support the RAC Community Center in the New Year: A Message from RAC-LA

Please Help Support the RAC Community Center in the New Year: A Message from RAC-LA

Friends, contacts, and comrades,

We are very grateful for the ongoing support we’ve received in the past year, and we wish to thank all of our supporters for their generous gifts, donations, and volunteer labor.

In 2015, RAC-LA is continuing to build community power and local self-reliance through the mutual aid food program in MacArthur Park. As always, we need your support to continue and expand our work, and—most urgently—to help fund our community center (2515 W. 7th St.), which we’re working hard to develop into a 7-day-a-week resource for the community.

Please consider donating through our secure PayPal link here:


Current Programs/Works-in-Progress at the Community Center Include:

–Free academic tutoring for local students on Thursday afternoons.

–Affordable, healthy food available to the community in-between Sunday food giveaways.

–A safe, inclusive community meeting space available to local groups and collectives.

Plans for Upcoming Programs at the Community Center Include:

–Expanded tutoring services 7 days a week.

–Expanded food access programs.

–Literacy programs/English classes.

–Women’s/Community self-defense classes.

–Legal clinics/advising services.

The Free Association of Anarchists (F@@) would also like to thank RAC for its help in planning and carrying out our 2014 Skid Row X-Mas Day Clothing and Breakfast Giveaway, which was the biggest and most-organized yet. The community center was integral in storing and sorting clothes.

All of these programs, in-progress or still in the planning stages, can only happen with your support.


How You Can Help

If you’d like to volunteer, please contact Melva (English and Spanish) at for more info.


To make the community center possible, we need to pay the rent, electricity, and maintenance costs.  RAC is completely grassroots and community-run. We make no profits. We receive no government support and no corporate sponsorship.


Everything we do is made possible by community efforts, RAC member commitment, and generous support from donors like you.


Please consider donating through our secure PayPal link here:


Every gift made to RAC goes to maintaining the food program, the community center, and all of the other desperately-needed programs we are trying to institute there—programs run by, and for, some of the least-served communities in our city.


What is RAC-LA?

Revolutionary Autonomous Communities, Los Angeles (RAC-LA) is a totally grassroots community organization that runs a weekly Food Program on Sundays, 10am-5pm, in MacArthur Park.  RAC was founded in the aftermath of the brutal police crackdown on the immigrant rights march of May 1st, 2007.


The food program empowers the local community to feed itself, aiding with the distribution of more than 150 boxes of free, organic food per week. The program serves an ethnically diverse cross-section of the most under-served members of the community, including the poor, the homeless, and the recently-immigrated.


Community members themselves are the backbone of RAC, working in concert with local activists to get this critical work done.


Thank you for all of your support, and please keep us in your thoughts for donations and volunteering.

A better world is possible, and we can get there together. Venceremos!



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